Secret Engagement Photography Surprise - a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness

It occurred to Blake that the best way to propose to his girlfriend Megan was to take her on a surprise trip.  And what would make it even greater is if he proposed on one knee at Niagara Falls and have the whole moment captured on film.  So after a few discussions regarding time, location and the all too important "be ready with your camera proposal signal" ("I'll lift both my hands up like an airplane...she we'll never notice" Blake said) our secret engagement was set.  

On that amazing day as they left the hotel with me close behind that's when we noticed it started to rain.  But that's okay...we planned for a little drizzle.  Except as we came closer to the falls the combination of a drizzle combined with the niagara fall mist it created a blanket of fog that could only be described as "Oh No!!!"  And that's where we lost each other!!!  

I'll skip past the moment of panic that felt like an eternity except to say it all worked out in the end due to thoughtful planning, creative adjustments and comfortable shoes for running.  

Enter Blake and Meghan... 

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