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1. Spend some time reviewing our wedding gallery.  Review our style - ask yourself questions about your style. Are you traditional; do you like modern; do you like angles, mostly black and whites etc.

2. Tell us your wedding plans by giving us a call at 416 414-1414 or selecting our 'email me' page.  Life is what happens while you are busy making plans - remember to be flexible.  We promise if you don't sweat the small stuff and we'll capture the fun stuff!

3. Let's connect in person over coffee where we can discuss our wedding options.  We offer options like a photo-booth at the wedding.  It's always difficult to capture a photo of all your wedding guests so allow them to show off their best personality in a photo-booth. Also they make great images for a future wedding album.

4. Decide on the best options...consider engagements photos as it allows for you both to be comfortable in front of camera and you will be well prepared for when the camera is pointed at you both on the day of your wedding...trust us you won't regret it.  

5. To reserve the date fill out the contract with the retainer.  Then Relax, breath and zen - "be calm like still water".  

6. What your friends will say...

I was the best man at Dave and Mag's wedding. I saw first hand how professional Carl and his wife were. They made the wedding photo shoot easy and fun for the entire wedding party. Carl has such a great personality that it takes the stress away from the photo shoots. Carl had set up a photo booth at the reception that was an instant hit with all the guests. If you have any question as to the quality of the photo's, just look at Dave and Mag's engagement and wedding photo's. Absolutely gorgeous! Great job Carl, thank you! Congrats again

Finally, here are a few interesting wedding trends for 2011 that might help with your many decisions that you have to make in the upcoming months. Also, I wrote a post based on a survey I've done with my clients...if you want to review the results check out the link below.


Trust us, we've been there and we know from experience planning a wedding is not always easy but hopefully you'll find this information helpful.

- Average age at marriage is 29
- 74% of engaged couples are living together
- Average length of engagement 18.5 months
- Average wedding cost range from $20,000 to $23,000
- Reviewing variable costs may help with overall budget - note: reducing the # guests doesn't always bring the most savings (e.g., reducing # of guest by 50% saves approximately 15%)

Variable costs 
- # of guests
- open bar/person
- reception/person 
- Reviewing fixed costs may help with overall budget - note - reviewing the average fixed costs to confirm what you can afford while prioritizing your NEEDS versus REQUIREMENTS may help you settle on a price (e.g., NEED photography but REQUIRE a photographer who is available not just for the wedding ceremony but also beyond - couple engagement, dress rehearsal, bride & groom getting dressed, reception etc.)

Fixed costs avg 
- Reception Venue $9,572 
- Bridal Gown $1,798
- Bridesmaid Dress $426
- Bridal/Bridesmaid Shoes $180
- Wedding Bands $2,718
- Photographer $2,414 (goal 9% of Budget)
- Videographer $1,461
- Stationery $390
- Wedding Cake $524 (goal 2% of Budget)
- Florist/Decor $1,334 (goal 6% of Budget)
- Transportation/Limo $792 (goal 2% of Budget)
- DJ/Musicians $1,264 (goal 5% of Budget)
- Guest Favours/Gifts $457 
- Honeymoon $5,287

Want to learn more about how to manage the variety of wedding vendors in your city or town, send us an email info@1kwphoto.com and we'll research your location and send you a list of fantastic vendors that will make your wedding an awesome experience for free!!!